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“Moving Musicians Forward”

Learning music begins with imitation so,  I approach my teaching using ear training methodology.  I believe pianists should be disciplined in their musicality through a diverse musical area experience.

My musical experience in opera and choir made me think about music more broadly.

I’m a teacher who has much passion for every student.

I have a special ability to find student’s potential musicality.

I always try to challenge students and be encouraging at each lesson.


My teaching time is organized in a step-by-step progression.


1.      Listen and distinguish good sound.

2.      Understand each student’s physical type and body movement.

3.      Finding technical and musical problems.

4.      Demonstrate and utilize effective practice techniques.

5.      Encourage students to analyze and paint music to convey their special musicality.

6.      Train students to pretend at each stage to be a performer.



For the advanced level students, I encourage students to apply for and participate in international competitions, music festivals, and master classes.

Concerning young students, the significance of piano study increases exponentially.  Piano lessons provide students with a new perspective on invaluable life skills such as commitment, responsibility, dedication, patience, determination, confidence, discipline, focus, and delayed gratification.  Supplemental benefits from piano lessons surface in improving related arenas: cognitive awareness, memory, critical thinking, visual tracking, auditory reception, and motor skills. 


My studio is a community where young artists from around the globe will cultivate long-lasting friendships and find life-long support.


I believe everyone has special musicality which can be developed by learning and through sharing.

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